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Improving Efficiency when Deriving Numerous Products from Software Product Lines Simultaneously

In-car infotainment systems must allow for product differentiation and the adaption to the needs of different markets. Product line approaches are applied because large numbers of different product variants need to be developed simultaneously. During development, updated versions of each projected product variant need to be derived from the product line assets repeatedly. Current build tools create each of the numerous product variants one after another. Accordingly, the creation process can take much time. This paper presents an approach to abbreviate this creation process based on the fact that multiple product variants created at once can have parts in common. To benefit from this optimization potential the workflow that creates an individual product variant is subdivided into multiple fragments. Whenever a set of such product variants needs to be created, an optimization algorithm then calculates an individual execution order of the fragments for this set. This order minimizes the total execution time by a systematic reuse of workflow fragment’s results for the creation of multiple different product variants.
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