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Create new citation styles for MS Word

Have you ever written your thesis or a large scientific paper in MS Word? If yes, you might have used the new citation and bibliography feature of Word that is available from the 2007 version on. Although it simplifies work a lot compared to manual citation, its usability is poor and there are some hidden features and bugs you should be aware of. In this post I will explain them and introduce a template for creating citations and a bibliography that are similiar to the LNI style (Lecture Notes in Informatics) which is required for publications of the GI (Gesellschaft für Informatik).

The template will create entries in the following form:

[Ger11a] Gerlach S. (2011): Improving efficiency when deriving numerous products from software product lines simultaneously. In: Schäfer I.; John I. und Schmid K. (Hg.): Proceedings of the 15th International Software Product Line Conference. New York, NY, USA: ACM. ISBN 978-1-450-30789-5. S. 9:1‐9:4.

Citation: [Ger11a]

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